​​​​​STRATEGIC SCIENCE & ANALYTICS was founded by Dr Steven Spencer in 2017 as a strategic insights consultancy. The goal of the organisation is to drive high impact improvements to profitability and processes through modelling and monitoring.​​

Chief Consultant - Dr Steven Spencer

Dr Spencer has over 25 years of project leadership experience with industrial, mining, mineral processing, biomedical and environmental R&D projects, primarily with CSIRO. He is currently Independent Chair of the Standards  Australia Fine Bubble Technology committee. Dr Spencer also has over 20 years experience with predictive analytics, mathematical and statistical modelling for process monitoring and resource characterisation. His professional specialties are
  • Practical mathematical modelling of complex processes
  • Numerical and analytical solution methods
  • Time series analysis
  • Data mining and machine learning 
  • Advanced analytics
  • Inverse problems and parameter estimation
  • Spectral analysis 
  • Acoustics and vibration analysis 
  • Bubble and particle acoustics
  • Optimisation
  • ​Techno-economic modelling

Dr Spencer holds the following tertiary qualifications:

  • PhD in Physics 
  • Master of Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours (Applied Mathematics)  

Senior Scientific Adviser - Dr John Mooney

Dr Mooney has over 27 years experience with computational mathematics and modelling. His professsional specialties are

  • Scientific and computational programming
  • High performance and intensive numerical computation
  • Modelling a wide variety of physical phenomena, including fluid flow, electromagnetic fields, diffusion processes (including chemical reactions)
  • Numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Extensive experience in finite difference and finite element methods, linear algebra and matrix eigenvalue problems
  • Numerical and symbolic manipulation packages

Dr Mooney holds the following tertiary qualifications:

  • PhD in Quantum Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours (Chemistry)
  1. Managing Director
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  3. Managing Director